“Dear Renee and Stacy Andrew and crew,

Thanks for everything! It was an amazing night, I appreciated the seamless professionalism of your crew and the food was delicious ! Your people were so nice, I received many compliments on how great your crew was. The weather was not ideal and I know that was extra work for you guys. I especially appreciated the girl who went up and got meals for Jess’s elderly grandparents, could you please thank her for us?

And, I don’t know how you guys moved those chairs so fast! That was awesome, since it was so cold everyone wanted to get right back to the tent after the receiving line, and like magic, the chairs were in there, ready! We had planned on outdoor activities, wagon rides, walking the grounds, visiting the horses, looking at the antique cars etc, but due to the weather that didn’t happen, so it was extra important to be ready quick and you guys made that happen.

We  also were happy that you could work with our people (Nick, Jen and Steve, who did an amazing job with the appetizers and the meat smoker ) (and Chris with the bar service.) I didn’t know Andrew worked for you guys, he is a longtime friend of our son! We’ve known him since high school. I understand he did quite a bit of the cooking, everything was delicious! Please pass along our compliments.”
Joyce Hart
Hart’s Greenhouse